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    Rachelle Zamora and Ed Galvez

    Sales Representatives

    Keller Williams Referred Urban Realty

    Home is Where the Heart is and We Have the Key


    Laya and Gerdie Santos

    Feb 15th, 2018

    Ed & Rachel have been very accommodating in the process of selling my townhouse. We had a bidding war & they continued to get us the right price right to the very end! They were always there for us even though we were out of town. You definitely can count on them! Thanks again!

    LGLaya and Gerdie Santos

    Ray & Ivy Alilain

    Feb 15th, 2018

    Rachel & Ed and Team are very professional and personable and they work with you to be in the best position possible! When we worked with the team to sell our house, their research and expertise listing was on point. On the first AND only weekend of our open house, our street was filled with parked cars and it even looked like a block party on that same Sunday when we were taking offers! After 16 competing offers, for a single family detached home backing a ravine, we didn't expect to get what we expected. Our final offer was over 17%! (I gave a % to disclose our valuation, but 17% will get you close to over 150k asking for a detached in Brampton, possibly more!). They literally brought up the value of our former neighbourhood. Overall, I would go with these guys! I joke with them about buying another house ...and...oh yeah.. they helped us purchase our house too!

    RIRay & Ivy Alilain

    Kaye Palomera

    Jan 15th, 2022

    Ed and Rachelle were an awesome duo that delivered on the buying/selling of our place. They've exceeded our expectations. Now we have our home and we're very pleased with their service. They go above and beyond to ensure that they meet your goals in finding your ideal home. Highly recommend their service.

    KPKaye Palomera

    Charmaine & JR

    Apr 26th, 2023

    Rachelle and Ed were prompt, responsive, and proactive with any inquiries we threw their way. We've had the pleasure of working with LYHT team on a couple of occasions and have proven themselves to be knowledgeable and consistent with their service. They met with us and walked us through every step of the process and provided additional details backed by market data, when necessary.
    I would recommend LYHT. Thank you Rachelle and Ed for all your help and working so diligently in making the transactions as seamless as possible! Thank you for always thinking of us over the years!

    CBCharmaine Buenaventura

    Demi & Martin

    Dec 4th, 2020

    Ed and Rachelle are professional realtors and I highly recommend their services. What we loved about them, was their personal relationship they had with us since the beginning.

    Last year, we were looking into smaller properties like a condo, pre-construction condo etc. But as our pre-approval grew, we eventually finalized on a freehold townhouse. Us being first-time home buyers, no one really tells you the process it takes from start to finish. However, they did. They both took the time to reach out to us and our mortgage specialist (when necessary) whenever there was a potential listing, literally the day it got listed. They took us to many properties and showed us the pros and cons of each place, approximately how much it would take to redo this or that, the location, how to get there, the area around and how much it would possibly appreciate by.

    With Covid happening, it was rough at the beginning of the year with the market - as there were not much homes being listed. However, they never denied us from inquiring about a potential property. With the crazy market opening back up in June, it was insane with the amount of competition with other buyers. However Ed and Rachelle negotiated to get our house under asking, in an amazing, up and coming community! Once approved, not only did they follow up by recommending great home inspectors, contractors and lawyers but they also followed up with us daily.

    They do not treat you like a client, but as a person who is looking to actually "Love your home". We are truly appreciative of all the work they are willing to put in each client - willing to go above and beyond being realtors.

    DMDemi Meneses

    Justin DaSilva and Emmie Fernandez

    Feb 15th, 2018

    We had the pleasure of working with Rachelle and Ed in November of 2016. Our Home received MULTIPLE offers and the Team successfully SOLD our Detached Home in North Oshawa OVER the asking price within only 4 DAYS of being on the market!!!
    The Team demonstrated tenacity, a depth of knowledge & expertise on the local housing market and a high level of professionalism. Rachelle and Ed were responsive to our needs and were extremely helpful in walking us through every step of the Selling Process. Additionally, they provided us with an End of Day Report which kept us up-to-date with details pertaining to the Open House. We loved reading the feedback potential Buyers were saying about our Home.
    Rachelle & Ed, we cannot thank you enough for helping us to sell our Home. Secondly, for your time, patience & hard work during the whole process. Lastly, for making this experience such a smooth (and quick!) one for us. Your service and commitment to helping us obtain the best possible price for our Home was invaluable!
    Best Wishes for continued success in your business.

    JEJustin DaSilva and Emmie Fernandez

    Ann Gunaratnam

    Dec 4th, 2020

    Rachelle and Ed were absolutely amazing to work with. They know just how to guide you through the current market so that you feel in control, confident and knowledgeable. They have proven strategies that work to help you find the perfect home. They helped my partner and I find out perfect downtown condo, under market value!! We cannot thank them enough for their wonderful services and can’t wait to use them again in the future!

    AGAnn Gunaratnam

    Grace Minoso

    Dec 4th, 2020

    Thank you Rachelle and Ed for a job well done on selling my house in just a day and with viewing numbers I have never expected. You have a great team, well prepared for the plan to showcase the house that got sold far more than the asking price. Your experience and expertise certainly made me that comfortable to trust your plans and you did it so amazingly well! That speaks of your knowledge and professionalism. Congratulations! I won't hesitate to recommend you to friends and family. All the best to both of you!!!

    GMGrace Minoso

    Ryan Sianghio

    Dec 31st, 2021

    As a first time homebuyer, the process of acquiring a house is daunting. Of course as someone new to the experience, you would do your due diligence to understand, learn and prepare, as to how to purchase a house before you take that plunge. I tried to take in, absorb and digest all the information I could, and yet, since it is all to overwhelming for an amateur who does not work in the field of real estate, some details will be missed. One of the things I appreciate with my encounter with Rachelle and Ed (which I also deem essential), is that even before they ask you the type of house/condo you are looking for (Do you want a condo with a balcony? Do you want a house with a white picket fence?), they take the time to sit you down and explain the reality of the Housing Market. With their inside intel, they give you an overview of how the Market is, and the trends that come along with it. As owning a house would probably be the biggest financial decision one takes, talking to Rachelle and Ed eases that apprehension, that sense of dread, as the more information you acquire, the better it is that you can make an informed decision about your situation.

    And so, like many others before me, Rachelle and Ed became my realtors. As I said before, Rachelle, Ed and I hunkered down and devised a strategy or game plan that best suited my needs and what it was I was looking for. At first I thought, going out with them to look at properties would be all business like, rigid and firm. To my surprise, it turned out to be more like casual yet professional, flexible and supportive, more like going out with friends and having a discussion with your best interest in mind. With the Housing Market as ridiculous as it was at that time, making a decision to put an offer on a property was intimidating. As the Market was highly competitive even with its exorbitant prices, there exists a time limit or deadline associated with each property that you view, thereby putting more pressure on you to make that decision. In my head the What If scenarios started to unfold. What if I pass on this opportunity and don't find another property like it, or what if I commit to this property now and find another one that better caters to my needs in the next few days. With Rachelle and Ed's understanding, guidance and patience, as elusive as it was, we finally found, the One.

    At this point, I would love to have ended with, "and they lived happily ever after", but it was not the case. Getting to finalize the acquisition of the property had some setbacks not because of Rachelle and Ed, but to put it gently, the other party involved was playing hardball at that stage of the process. So Rachelle and Ed stepped up, and were relentless. In the end, Rachelle and Ed took the initiative and compromised, so that they could fulfill their promise, their commitment, their dedication.

    I was planning on writing a review about Rachelle and Ed, but instead, I ended up writing my personal experience working with them. I guess, words alone are not enough to describe the degree of commitment they have for their clients, as Rachelle would often tell me, "Ed and I are in your team, and we will always be in your corner". With Rachelle and Ed's help, now that evertyhing has settled, I owe it to them to make this house a home.

    RSRyan Sianghio

    Shaun Colthrust

    Apr 7th, 2021

    Love your home team was knowledgeable, responsive, professional, and expressed outstanding negotiation skills. The characteristic that stood out to me the most was their use of empathy. They fully understood the emotional stress we were under and made our overall experience pleasant. I even made a joke with my wife the other day that I miss driving around Durham looking for properties with them and what a delight it was working with their staging team.

    If you're in the market to buy, sell, rent, etc Love Your Home Team is the way to go. Thank you very much, Rachel and Ed.

    SCShaun Colthrust


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